26 Apr 2018



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Grazie a Michter’s, Main Sponsor di Florence Cocktail Week 2018

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Michter’s celebrates an extraordinarily richheritage that traces back to 1753, years before America’s Declaration of Independence. Michter’s world-class production team is led by Master Distiller Pamela Heilmann. Pam is the first female master distiller at a Kentucky Distillers’ Association distillery since Prohibition. Embracing a “cost-be-damned” approach, the Michter’s team, spares no expense in its efforts to produce the greatest American whiskey possible.

Michter’s pays careful attention to the wood used in the construction of its barrels, specifying wood that has been air dried for as long as 18-36 months, and toasts barrels before charring them to help make the wood’s sugars more accessible. Michter’s also enters all of its whiskeys into the barrel at 103 proof, instead of the industry standard of 125 proof. The concentrated sugars in the wood dissolve more readily at this lower entry proof, and less water needs to be added to the matured whiskey in order to reduce it to bottling proof, which makes for a richer, smoother whiskey.

Michter’s heat cycles its warehouses to increase amount of flavor the whiskey draws from the barrels and also uses a unique filtration protocol for each expression to highlight its best qualities.Michter’s was ranked the #2 top trending American whiskey brand in the2017 World’s 50 Best Bars Annual Report and has received critical acclaim for its line of American whiskeys. Proclaimed “Best American Whiskey” by Food and Wine, deemed “Spectacular” by Robert Parker, named “Best of the Best” by Robb Reportand awarded “Distiller of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast, Michter’s has been recognized by whiskey connoisseurs as truly extraordinary.